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An introduction to...Discovery Sessions

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For many years I solely used my skills in hypnosis to help with emotional problems, something which I continue to do with the Everyday Emotional Health Sessions. However, there is another side of hypnosis that utilises the special hypnotic state in a completely different way.

The hypnotic state is very similar to REM sleep, which is the period of sleep where we do all of our dreaming. It is a powerful state of mind where positive changes can be made to automatic ways of thinking and feeling, but it is also a gateway to exploring the unknown depths of our minds. In deep hypnosis it is possible to guide a client to navigate an almost dream-like state where you can consciously observe the environment around you and make decisions, something which is usually not available to us when we dream. I have had clients who can see, hear, smell, taste and even feel the experiences unfolding before them, all in their mind.

An example of this type of hypnosis is Past Life Therapy. Through hypnosis, a participant is taken to a previous lifetime to explore and investigate the events in the life presented to them by the subconscious. Could it be that we are tapping into a part of the mind that can replay memories of a previous life? Or is it the imagination creating a detailed story to help us in our current lives? I leave this decision to the client. Either way, the experience can be powerful and profound with no spiritual beliefs required.

There are two session types I provide at Mindscape Hypnotherapy, both under the banner of Discovery Sessions:

  1. Past Life Therapy - as mentioned above, in a Past Life session, you can experience a previous lifetime, observing the most important events taking place. The session ends with a healing of the life, lessons learnt that can be taken into your current life and answers to some prepared questions.

  2. Beyond Life Therapy - this is a new session to Mindscape Hypnotherapy in 2022 which continues where Past Life Therapy ends, with the continuing journey following the death of the physical life. It is an exploration into another world which provides advice, guidance and can bring about a great sense of perspective to your current life.

I will talk more about these sessions in future blog posts.

As with the Everyday Emotional Health Sessions, all sessions include a quality recording of the events that take place.

Finally, it is important to remember that there is still no risk involved in this type of hypnosis. It is a completely safe form of therapy.

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